Subscribers to our Convivio Book of Days blog enjoy posts about food and seasonal traditions each month, but before there was the blog there was The Convivio Dispatch. John Cutrone's Dispatches from Lake Worth are our main means of communication, but they are more often about story than about selling things, and folks seem to really like hearing about the cast of characters in our quirky coastal town. They arrive as simple emails in your inbox, and it's kind of nice to find a story there every now and then, isn't it? Our dispatches go out usually about once a month, sometimes twice; rest assured we will not clutter your inbox and your personal information stays right here with us––we never share our mailing lists with other companies or organizations.

Care for a sample? Here's a Convivio Dispatch, titled "That Which Is So Universal," that was published by Nowhere Magazine in November 2017. Thanks for your interest!


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